Wellness Club Ayşen Yazıcı is now ornamented with beauties. Take a deep breath in the shade of a pine tree, a heaven on earth where you are surrounded with the most precious frames as a generosity of the nature, watch the vast seas and enjoy your inner peace.

Go easy on yourselves when you want to stay in shape and be healthy. You no longer need to give up on delicious tastes. Wellness Club Ayşen Yazıcı offers you energy of life in a place that is surrounded with eye-catching beauties so that you are not deprived of terrestrial culinary tastes. You are most welcome to enjoy the beauties of the world here.

A vast natural beauty under your nose…

We are still running to the nature when we need a vacation, have time for it and seek to get rid of the daily stress, intangible burdens and worries. Sea, forest and flowers… these are the words that call on us all.

Inhale Marmaris.

Marmaris is one of the unique places where you can find peace in life, feel yourselves good at your point of escape… You are in a place where all the most beautiful smells of the world are blended into a harmonious one.

Every step you take at Wellness Club Ayşen Yazıcı will let you come closer to the energetic power of life. This unique place is a source of oxygen for the entire world where the oxygen rate is 95%. Inhale life in an environment surrounded by pinewoods, Melissa and smell of the sea.

Life could really be beautiful not from a safe distance from the very heart of it. Each breath you take at Wellness Club Ayşen Yazıcı will make you feel that what you touch is life itself.

Listen to the song of the nature: right now!

Thousands of sounds are dancing in your head, suspending in the vacuum of space once they are released. These might be your voice, your beloved ones’ voice, or beautiful phases and sentences, honks on the streets or panicked outcries… A street vendor that shouts to be heard by the denizens of a street, radio station that you listen while driving in your car, all these songs and noises…

Think of the birds twittering and soft breezing wind in the city during the small hours, shortly before the rush of the daily routine breaks free. And then think of your urge to being mixed into life steadily. Wellness Club Ayşen Yazıcı will play the happy sound of the nature at all times during the day. Prick up your ears and listen to this never-ending chant.

“Wellness Club Ayşen Yazıcı” is located right in the middle of a wonder of nature, at a location where pine forests meet the sea.

Located right in the midst of nature, every tiny detail for your comfort is addressed at our facility that offers a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. You can receive services in programs specially designed to meet your individual needs and achieve maximum performance.

A flawless environment, where you can feel the pleasure and quality at each corner, and an opportunity to enjoy the delight and comfort of your home with your family await you at Wellness Club Ayşen Yazıcı. You will find a perfect holiday that will make you relax physically and spiritually and all the services that render it flawless.

We wish you a pleasant stay and request you to contact us without hesitation for any questions you might have.


You will find delicious, quality and diversified dishes in our menus within scope of our programs. You may contact our officials for detailed information.


There are sports activities than you can indulge in within your weekly program at our facility.
• Short or long walks
• Yoga sessions twice a week
• Aerobics, gymnastics, and apparatus gymnastics
• Swimming (pool or sea at your option)
• Water gymnastics
You may contact our officials for detailed information.


Bali Massage
Anti-Cellulite Massage
Skin Cares
Sauna, Shock Shower
Finnish Bath
Traditional Turkish Bath
Bubble Massage
Sports Hall
Foot and Hand Care

Services included in the price:

• Accommodation
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner
• Daily 1 liter of bottled water in the mini bar
• Tea during breakfast (08.00-09.00) and cookie time (16.00-16.30)
• Sports activities (walking or aerobics programs, Turkish bath, sauna, pool, water gymnastics, yoga)
• Wireless internet connection in your room and the lobby

Services not included in the price:

• Culture and entertainment tours (every Sunday)
• SPA services
• Water and other drinks other than the room minibar
• Phone, Fax machine and photocopy
• Laundry, ironing, dry cleaning services
• Hairdresser

Transfer: Distance between Marmaris-Dalaman Airport is 90 km, which takes about 2 hours. You can contact the Reservations Department for transfer requests. We have special schemes for groups.

If you wish to come to Wellness Club Ayşen Yazıcı, our Front Office Manager Sevil Mutlu and hear team will be pleased to reserve a room for you in our hotel.

When you come to our facility, our Activity Manager Hasan Kama will welcome you and be in close contact with you during your stay.

Soon after settling in the gleamingly clean rooms prepared meticulously Özlem Karakaş and her team, you will get a check-up by our smiling physician.

Foods and beverages prepared by our wizard Dietician Sanem Şener will be served to you by İsa Karaca and his team.

You will attend daily aerobics and water gymnastics activities in the company of our Sports Trainer Ahmet Ayar.

Alkan Türedi will always accompany you during walks, sometimes alongside you and sometimes at the end point of the track.

Our nurse Özlem will check your weight every morning.

Wellness Club Director Ümit Erdoğan, who controls the entire team and takes care of every detail for smooth and flawless operation, and Ayşen and Efsun Yazıcı, landladies of Wellness Club Ayşen Yazıcı, will be pleased to host you with the hospitality that makes you feel at home with your family.

Welcome to Wellness Club Family and welcome among us.



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